Thursday, May 09, 2002

So I was gonna do a livejournal but now even though it's free you have to pay, unless you know someone who already has one, which I don't, and it's not like I was just going to email some random person and say "hey, can I have a free livejournal?" and have them freak out and think I was stalking them. This is much easier. It's too hip for its own good, but so be it.

So the mitre has relocated to Chicago and is settling in well. I recorded a new song today, my first in the new digs. I had to take the strings off my guitar so that I could fix my pickup that fell out while it was crammed in the back of the truck. After I did that, I tightened the strings but didn't tune them, and they wound up in this really freaky alternate tuning that was all C and F. That was last night. Earlier this evening, I was just noodling around, and sort of stumbled upon something I decided I wanted to record. I quickly set up my recording gear and like Athena springing full-born from the head of Zeus, "Barrel in Mouth Blues (Song For A Spider)" was born. Well, it's not Athena-great, but it's pretty good. I think. We'll see.

Gears are turning and stars are getting in line for an official mitre release later in the year. Stay tuned.

Drew Carey quote of the day:

"I only use my sick days for hangovers and soap opera weddings."


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