Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I hate technology

I finished digitally whiz-bang-kapow'ing the new album and my damn CD burner is just saying no. It looked like it was doing fine but at the last minute it decided it didn't want to read the disc anymore.

Dear CD burner: you are a piece of shit. Sincerely, Me.

I suppose I should cut it some slack, seeing as I've dragged it the entire length of the country and back. But still, it's a CD burner. You'd expect it to, oh I don't know, BURN FUCKING CD'S.

Never fear. Technology has failed to get the best of me thus far, and I refuse to let it conquer me now. But I may have to throw something against a wall at some point during the battle.


I use Memorex CDR's (at least, that's what I bought a ton of on sale). If you do likewise, please learn from my mistakes.

don't try to snap them in half.

Stay with me on this one. Regular CD's just kind of snap in half. CDR's (I can only attest to the Memorex ones, though I suspect others might do this as well) do not. Instead, they explode with a loud popping sound, getting small shards of plastic all over your hands, clothing, and floor. Hopefully your (my) cat will not eat any of said shards you (I) may have missed when sweeping them up.


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