Wednesday, August 31, 2005

ambient hair-metal?

just got back from practice. tonight I played the world's greatest/stupidest hair-metal-power-ballad-guitar solo. I didn't even intend to, it just kind of came out. at which point Ken and I doubled over with laughter. Those dudes in Stryper would wet their tights if they heard my wicked riffageâ„¢.

we work together pretty well--we have a similar musical sense, I guess, and occasionally we end up playing the same thing even though we're improvising. pretty rad. we've discussed it, and it's so nice to just have someone else to play music with. we just get together and it comes out. I mean, I'm not saying we're exactly Bon Jovi or anything, but I'm surprised at how well we jive.

more later.

Friday, August 26, 2005


A few things that have been rocking my world lately:

White Rainbow. As I mentioned yesterday. Check out the first track and order this cd here.

Death Vessel. Caleb hepped me to this tiny dude with the high-pitched voice. Amazing dark folky gorgeousness.

Phantom Buffalo. I used to work with the lead singer in a grocery store. True story. They just finished recording their second full-length and they have another EP in the can. These guys are lined up for something huge and awesome. Catch 'em.

Mono. Lush post-rock from Japan. On tour in the US now. They're playing Subterranean in September, and you can bet I'll be there.

Cains&Abels. Sweet, sweet melancholy pop songs. Playing the Empty Bottle this Sunday. I'll be there as well.

Zapruder Point. His/their new record is all up in my ipod in a wicked frequency. A couple of songs I simply can't get enough of ("Good As Gold" most of all).

Drive-By Truckers. Dirty southern rock. Melancholy beauty. Engrossing and hard-rockin'.

consider this a public service. check this stuff out.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

further developments of an ambient sort

musical endeavor yesterday went well and will become a continuing project. loud sheets of ambient skronk beauty. most of my equipment is still at my friend Ken's house now, so if I do any new recording it will be acoustic guitar w/bass. hmm...

still working out the art for Fold Your Wings with Zac, who seems really into it, despite the fact that he hasn't heard it. which is pretty sweet. I dropped a copy of the CD off with a friend of mine last week but haven't heard from him if it will actually play or not.

currently digging White Rainbow's new album ZOME. Total beauty drones. awesome. also listening to a fair amount of Elliott Smith. Also just finished reading Elfriede Jelinek's The Piano Teacher, a really twisted novel that was made into a really twisted film starring the wonderful Isabelle Huppert. No wonder my head's been all bizarro lately.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


last night was a long night. RoadMoxie was here and much alcohol was consumed. suh-weet.

Sean enjoys double-vision:

Don't come between a mitre and his beer:

today is the beginning of a new musical project that I can't really say much about. needless to say, if it comes off as it should, it will kick total ass. more later.

Monday, August 22, 2005

a moment of silence

Thursday, August 18, 2005

we now return to our regularly scheduled babbling

As I suspected, a large dose of hard alcohol chased by an even larger dose of loud riff-o-rama rock, and I'm right as rain. There's something about being pummelled in the face by a wall of tightly-controlled guitar monstrosity that'll set you back where you need to be.

I'm still pondering the things I was thinking over yesterday, but it seems less immediate now. So there you have it. The drone rolls on.

Yesterday I stopped at The Big Evil Corporate CD Shop down the street from where I work and picked up a copy of (What's The Story) Morning Glory on sale. I haven't heard this album in probably 8 years. A friend of mine used to listen to it every day in college and I got completely burned out on it. She and her roommate were obsessed with Oasis. Now, going back to it, I find that it's a mostly-solid collection of songs. Seriously. I mean, I'm not going to say it's the greatest record of the 90's, but for a record that's 10 years old it holds up remarkably well.

Of course, I've also been listening to a lot of The Geto Boys recently, so there's that grain of salt to take this with as well.

I had a vision this morning on my way in to work of me living out in the middle of nowhere, living more or less like a hermit, working on music and only seeing other people on my own terms. Of course, that would necessitate a number of things, such as moving somewhere where I can be by myself when I need to be, but where I could simultaneously be near enough to my friends that I could drop in on them when I want. Nice daydream, eh? Oh, and as with all daydreams, the whole subject of making money and supporting myself didn't crop up.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

time for a reboot?

Several things more-or-less simultaneously occurred this week that inspired me to try to do a major rethink of just about everything.

The first of these is that ever-productive Zac Keiller sent me the preliminary art for the new CD of mine he's working on. No, this isn't Fold Your Wings. It's a record I years ago, I think. Around the time of the Wallpaper EP. I recorded it and almost immediately sent it to Zac with a note saying, essentially, "do whatever you want with this." He liked it, and wants to release it. What did I ever do to deserve this? I mean, really. I've never met the guy, and he owes me absolutely nothing, and yet he's been more proactive about this whole music thing I do than I have in a lot of ways. So this has led to the start of a rejuvenated mitre. After a long period of relative dormancy, am I ready to press forth with this? I'm really excited about Fold Your Wings, and I want people to hear it. I know that there's an audience for mitre out there somewhere, and I'm thinking I'd kind of like to go find them.

The second thing this week is that two friends of mine (the illustrious RoadMoxie) are packing their bags and setting out for points unknown. I think part of the dormancy of my life stems from a kind of urban malaise. Do I need to get the hell out of Chicago? I realize that this is kind of at odds with my previous point (what better place to play shows?), but perhaps it would be for the best. I feel kind of burned out on Chicago in a lot of ways. Perhaps another urban center is what I need.

Also, I met David from Cains&Abels earlier in the week. Talking with other musicians always inspires me to get my shit together and actually do something. So perhaps some mitre shows this fall? Do I dare even dream it? Perhaps some actual focused songs? Who the hell knows, really.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

And the winner is...

Well well well. Nobody responded. Well actually, one person responded, but then deleted the post, so I have no idea who it was or what it was about. Today as I left work the title came to me. Now the question is: do I tell you?

Ah, who am I kidding.

The new mitre album is titled Fold Your Wings.

There, I said it. I have no idea how I'm going to get it out into the world, but I'm working on it.

I also have a page on myspace that features one MP3 from each of my albums, plus the Middle English Cerberus Shoal cover I did. Pretty sweet, no? Click here for that total awesomeness.

until next time.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

(this space intentionally left blank)

So the whole "I-still-have-no-title-for-this-record" thing is kind of getting to me. It originally had a title about six months ago, but circumstances surrounding the record (and my life) have changed, so I'm not using that title anymore. Plus, I cut a song from the record, so it's a different record now, right? I've kind of come up with a couple titles but I'm not totally sold on any of 'em.

So how about this: if somebody comes up with a suggestion that I totally dig, I'll give 'em a free copy of the album. And no, you can't hear it to get a feel of it first. That's kind of the point.

I'm also considering setting up a myspace thing so I can put some music back online and connect with the peeps. was a blessing, but it's totally different now, and it looks like myspace is picking up some of the slack. So consider this a preliminary announcement/warning/omen/reason to sit by your computer in rapt anticipation.

Currently rockin': Wayne Kramer -- The Hard Stuff
Currently readin': Boris Starling -- Vodka

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