Thursday, August 25, 2005

further developments of an ambient sort

musical endeavor yesterday went well and will become a continuing project. loud sheets of ambient skronk beauty. most of my equipment is still at my friend Ken's house now, so if I do any new recording it will be acoustic guitar w/bass. hmm...

still working out the art for Fold Your Wings with Zac, who seems really into it, despite the fact that he hasn't heard it. which is pretty sweet. I dropped a copy of the CD off with a friend of mine last week but haven't heard from him if it will actually play or not.

currently digging White Rainbow's new album ZOME. Total beauty drones. awesome. also listening to a fair amount of Elliott Smith. Also just finished reading Elfriede Jelinek's The Piano Teacher, a really twisted novel that was made into a really twisted film starring the wonderful Isabelle Huppert. No wonder my head's been all bizarro lately.


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