Wednesday, August 17, 2005

time for a reboot?

Several things more-or-less simultaneously occurred this week that inspired me to try to do a major rethink of just about everything.

The first of these is that ever-productive Zac Keiller sent me the preliminary art for the new CD of mine he's working on. No, this isn't Fold Your Wings. It's a record I years ago, I think. Around the time of the Wallpaper EP. I recorded it and almost immediately sent it to Zac with a note saying, essentially, "do whatever you want with this." He liked it, and wants to release it. What did I ever do to deserve this? I mean, really. I've never met the guy, and he owes me absolutely nothing, and yet he's been more proactive about this whole music thing I do than I have in a lot of ways. So this has led to the start of a rejuvenated mitre. After a long period of relative dormancy, am I ready to press forth with this? I'm really excited about Fold Your Wings, and I want people to hear it. I know that there's an audience for mitre out there somewhere, and I'm thinking I'd kind of like to go find them.

The second thing this week is that two friends of mine (the illustrious RoadMoxie) are packing their bags and setting out for points unknown. I think part of the dormancy of my life stems from a kind of urban malaise. Do I need to get the hell out of Chicago? I realize that this is kind of at odds with my previous point (what better place to play shows?), but perhaps it would be for the best. I feel kind of burned out on Chicago in a lot of ways. Perhaps another urban center is what I need.

Also, I met David from Cains&Abels earlier in the week. Talking with other musicians always inspires me to get my shit together and actually do something. So perhaps some mitre shows this fall? Do I dare even dream it? Perhaps some actual focused songs? Who the hell knows, really.


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