Thursday, September 01, 2005

Billy Bragg

I've been listening to a lot of Billy Bragg this morning. He's one of those artists whose music is as fresh every time I go back to it. However, I have to say his stuff from the 90's and beyond doesn't fare as well as his early electric troubador material. From William Bloke on, his material just doesn't hold a candle to lines like "in the end it took me a dictionary / to find out the meaning of unrequited", "I never made the first team, I just made the first team laugh" and "I saw two shooting stars last night / I wished on them, but they were only satellites / Is it wrong to wish on space hardware? / I wish, I wish, I wish you cared." (I confess that "A Pict Song," "Upfield," and "The Space Race is Over" are pretty solid, however). I mean, come on, "I steal a kiss from you in the supermarket / I walk you down the aisle, you fill my basket"? Please. Admittedly, "The Milkman of Human Kindness" is pretty weak, too, but I digress.

Anyway, if you haven't already, do yourself a favor and pick up some early Billy Bragg. Though I suppose maybe you should wait, as I hear he's re-issuing some of that stuff with bonus tracks and whatnot.


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