Thursday, September 22, 2005


Ken bailed on practice last night, but next week I swear we're going to rock the hizzouse, as the kids say. I picked up a new toy--I bought a replacement for my Ibanez delay unit that frotzed out off of Craigslist. Sweet. Can't wait to add that to the mix.

Zapruder Point tonight.

I had a dream last night that I was reading a Thomas Bernhard novel on the train and someone started talking to me about Bernhard. Weird. I've been meaning to read another one of his books--perhaps I should actually do it.

New taste sensation: take one (1) Wendy's Frosty. add Bailey's to taste. Enjoy. Great for those hot September nights.

been digging the new Rosebuds album, "Birds Make Good Neighbors." Sweet, sweet pop with heartfelt singersongwriter-y type lyrics and great male/female harmonies. ch-ch-ch-check 'em out.


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