Monday, September 26, 2005

how the hell did YOU get here?

I read a story about Google-bombing this morning that made me wonder where this blog-o-goodness ranked among searches for "Mitre." I gave up around 200. "Mitre music""? First up: a Scottish brass sheet music store. The music isn't made of brass, it's for brass instruments. You probably knew that. Anyway, #18 was a review of "Sympathy For Agamemnon" that failed to load. Getting warmer, I suppose. At #82 I found another review (a very good one, at that). By 200, I'd found a few more reviews, but still not this blog. "Mitre drone"? no dice. "Mitre ambient"? nada.

So, for those of you who, according to my tracker, HAVE found this blog through a search the hell did you get here?

And for those more technologically astute than I, is there a way I can get this blog to show up on search engines? I mean, I'm at home with the fact that mitre isn't exactly a household name, but what do I need to do? If I make self-referential links (such as the ones in this post) will that help?


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