Thursday, September 29, 2005

it's that time of year again

Yes folks, I woke up this morning and my heat was on. We all know what THAT means. In the next week, all the crap that's been sitting dormant in the pipes will get kicked out into the air and I'll come down with the coughingsneezingdeathsickness. Happens every damn year. It's currently only 46° (that's about 8° for my international readers). It's nice, 'cause it means the return of blankets and cats snuggling up to you when you sleep and spending the afternoons huddled on the couch with a good book and a cup of coffee, but it also means the aforementioned nasty diseasitude. Blech.

Couldn't get in touch with Ken yesterday, so again no practice. He's out of town for the next couple weeks. Dammit. We WILL rock again, I promise you.


Blogger liam said...

dude, i have a show from 10 to 12 pm on mondays on cjsf fm in vancouver bc and you get airtime alongside w&c, yume and all the other droners..

2:30 PM  

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