Friday, September 23, 2005

zapruder point / eric ziegenhagen

saw the mighty Zapruder Point last night with their new setup--Dan on electric geetar, Casey on bass (not easy for a pregnant lady), and Tom on snare, cymbal, sleighbells, and suitcase. It was the second time this year I've seen a suitcase used as a bass drum--the other was Eels with strings. They sounded great, though their set was pretty short.

I'd never been to Sylvie's before. It's kind of a funky room with blacklights and darts.

anyway, then the incomparable Eric Ziegenhagen hit the stage. I'd never seen him play electric before--it really added a new depth to his music. If you ever get a chance to see Eric, do so. His shows are always intimate and entertaining, with plenty of between-song banter about his life, the origin of the song he's about to play, or the origin of life. Check out some of his songs here.

As it was a school night, I then bailed.


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