Saturday, November 19, 2005

Chris Brokaw

Saw Chris Brokaw last night at this weird little place called Odum. Apparently it's a recording studio that almost never has shows. It had all the charm and atmosphere of a VFW basement, but the sound was great. There were two opening bands who were mostly unremarkable, but then Bottomless Pit hit the...erm...floor. Bottomless Pit is Tim and Andy of Silkworm with Chris from Seam, and they were really quite good. But then Chris Brokaw came on and rocked the house, as the kids say. I've seen him play in Come, and I've seen him play solo acoustic, but this might have been the best show I've seen him play. I don't think I've ever seen anyone play in a rock band using finger picks (like a banjo). It was pretty cool. The band was a three-piece with a drummer whose name I missed and a gentleman named Jeff Goddard (Jones Very, Karate) on bass. Jeff and I somehow managed to escape from a certain shithole that will remain unnamed, though a number of years apart. It was very cool to meet him.

The other cool thing was that I was standing right next to Doug McCombs and Bundy Brown (both of Eleventh Dream Day and Tortoise), and Bob Weston (Mission of Burma, Shellac) was about ten feet away. So much greatness in one room was overwhelming.

It was a great show at a cool little venue, but then getting home SUCKED. It took me an hour and a half of waiting for various buses in the freezing cold and not being able to squeeze into fully-packed, stupidly-delayed el trains. Overall, though, it was worth it.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

sorry for the delay

haha...I kill me. anyway, yes. Ken and I DID get together last week. Due to daylight savings time and the shortened day, it was pretty dark by the time we finished, and we were both pretty wiped. It was good to play again.

Then Kim and I went to see the mighty Rollins speak, which was amazing. He spoke for three straight hours, never once touching his water, and covering such topics as the Great American Miserable Failure, the new film about Wal Mart from Robert Greenwald (it must be good if Wal Mart is going around saying it's full of lies before having even seen it!), doing work for the USO, and all kinds of great stuff. A lot of people get caught up in Rollins' machismo bullshit, but fail to mention that any time he's all macho, he's also self-effacing about it. Anyway, I find him entertaining and thought-provoking.

oh, and check out Kim's blog for some awesome and graphic pictures of her colon! I'm not even kidding!
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