Wednesday, December 07, 2005

winter in the city

the gag around here goes that the people who originally settled Chicago liked the crime and poverty of New York, but thought it just wasn't cold enough. that's certainly playing out this week, with single-digit temperatures. yee-haw. being of hearty Maine stock, it's not bothering me much, but that doesn't mean I can't still complain about it.

Saw Cains&Abels with Real Live Tigers over the weekend and somehow wrangled an opening spot for a house show featuring those two bands this coming Saturday. Weird. Most of my equipment is still in Ken's basement, but I have a few ideas...

Got a message on myspace from Zac saying things were almost ready to go with Fold Your Wings, but for some reason myspace didn't let me know I had the message for about three weeks. So, um, sorry 'bout that delayed response, Zac. The rest of you shouldn't have much longer to wait for some new mitronic transmissions, so rest easy.


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