Wednesday, January 25, 2006

brief recording session

Not that anyone will ever hear it, but I recorded last night for the first time in a while. The deadline for the second installment of the group recording project Caleb is curating is nearing, and I hadn't recorded a damn thing for it. The instructions for the song, by Alex Lukashevsky, were confusing for me, and I've been sitting on the project since Caleb sent it to me in early November. Finally, last night, I blew the dust off my trusty 4-track and whipped up a batch of noise for him. It's totally unlike anything I've ever recorded before (in the spirit of the project, I feel) (and not just because most of my "usual" gear is still in Ken's basement)--bass guitar played with no amp (and not directly into the 4-track, just acoustically...and no, it's not an acoustic bass), this weird electric harmonium thing I picked up at a garage sale for $10 a couple years ago and never really used because the hum of the motor is louder than the actual tone of the instrument, and vocals overdriven into incoherence and recorded through my shirt. So yeah, weirdness.

However, I wanted to let you all know (all two of you who are out there--joking) that the mitre is still alive and well, and not entirely hibernating. So...what have YOU been up to?


Blogger danzp said...


I am the biggest loser. I have neither your email address nor Kim's resume here at work. I am reduced to contacting you via a comment on tour blog. BUT--John Roberts recently totally posted a definitely-hiring email from the Design Dep't here at ShopLocal--do tell Kim to resend her email, as it's possible he might have deleted the first one. Oh--and do remind me of her last name so John can keep a better eye out.

Dan ZP

8:56 AM  

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