Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bryan Harvey addendum

Richmond police arrested two men for the brutal murders of Bryan Harvey, his wife, and their two children, as well as the killings of three members of another family in a seperate incident. As my brother said, it's too bad lethal injection is painless. Now, admittedly, I'm not entirely sure where I stand on the whole death penalty issue, but if you slit the throats of a 9-year-old and a 4-year-old, there's no amount of therapy that's going to correct whatever's wrong in your head, I'm sorry.

okay, I'm getting off my soapbox now.


Blogger alicelidel said...

You just stay on that soapbox. My Mom, who has been totally against capital punishment, says she thinks she may be changing her mind.

12:02 PM  

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