Thursday, January 05, 2006

Phantom Buffalo

Okay, I've raved about Phantom Buffalo here before, but in the past 24 hours two things have happened to make me need to bring them up again. One was the arrival of their new EP "Killing's Not Okay" from Time Lag. Five songs, 23 minutes, all awesome. The third song, "Through The Grass And Pines" is totally, totally beautiful. More "produced" than the debut record, but not in a "that's a good thing" or "that's a bad thing" way. The debut record, "Shishimumu," is out in the states on Time Lag and in the UK on Rough Trade, a tiny label that has tiny bands you've never heard of, like The Decemberists, Belle & Sebastian, and The Strokes, and was once home to such flash-in-the-pan artists as The Cocteau Twins and The Pixies. Get the picture? So a co-worker told me this morning that "Shishimumu" was on the best-of-2005 list by a tiny magazine nobody's ever heard of called Mojo. Yeah. So I did a little web searching, and found a copy of the list, and there they are, sandwiched between Stevie Wonder and John Legend.

So yeah. Get on the Buffalo wagon, y'all. And sincerest congratulations to the dudes in the band.


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