Saturday, January 21, 2006

Reading Project 2006

I'm a bit of a literary masochist, if you hadn't noticed from perusing the "currently reading" section on here. I like reading long, complex novels. Experimental fiction, "postmodern" stuff mostly. I also enjoy all kinds of other stuff too. Anyway, I had this totally sick idea: in 2006, read ONLY really long books. 400+ pages apiece. Ouch. I eventually came to my senses and modified that "ONLY" to "predominantly" (the change from caps to lower case being the key ingredient in this plan, I think). That way, I could take the occasional breather.

So far, I've read Robert Coover's John's Wife (clocking in at just over 400 pages), and I'm about halfway through William H. Gass's masterwork The Tunnel (650 pages). I've got plenty of other stuff to read: plenty of Willam T. Vollmann, John Barth, Don DeLillo, John Steinbeck, Martin Amis...

Wish me luck!


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