Friday, February 17, 2006

Kitty adventure

February. Cold snap. 19°. I'm walking to the train to go to work, when this cat comes skittering out from the courtyard of an apartment complex. It was clearly very, very scared. It started following me, and it was clearly very disoriented. I decided I couldn't just leave it on Lawrence, a busy street, so I picked it up and carried it home. Mystery kitty's heart was pounding and it looked around wildly. I left it in my front room while I called in to work and told my boss I couldn't come in today. I put some cat litter in a cardboard box and then went to get the cat some food. Now, Loki loves his food. Any time I pick up a bowl, he gets excited. Any time I open my cupboard, he gets excited. When I get down the bag of food, he goes nuts. When I pour the food into a bowl, he gets ecstatic. However, when I carry the bowl out of the room, he's confused, and follows me. The mystery kitty had set up shop on a pair of pants I've been meaning to donate to the Salvation Army for a couple years.

Now, a number of years ago, Loki met another kitty. He bit that cat on the ass to show it who was boss. He's all street. The mystery kitty came bounding out of my front room when I opened the door to feed him, and Loki had followed me. Not good. The two started making these ungodly noises at each other. I tried to grab mystery kitty and load it back into my front room, but it wasn't having any of it. Loki trusts me more, so I picked him up and shut him in my bathroom. I went back into my bedroom to try to grab mystery kitty. However, at some point during the melee I had set the bowl of food on my bed. Mystery kitty jumped up on my bed and started inhaling the food. It was still totally freaked out from its encounter with Loki, and when I tried to pick it up (which had previously been a pretty easy feat), it hissed at me and put its paw in the bowl of food like "You're NOT taking this from me, pinky!" I grabbed a pair of pajama pants and scooped up the cat and tossed it into the front room. I then picked up the food bowl and slid it into the room, and the cat started inhaling the food.

I went and checked on it a while later and it had left some food in the bowl. This indicated to me that the cat was not a stray--Loki was a stray and he'll eat every scrap of food I put in front of him. He must have gotten out somehow. So now I'm going to make some posters and hang 'em up. Wish me luck.


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