Sunday, December 31, 2006

Annual Book List

At the end of every year, I create a list of the best books I read during that year, and this year is no different. Click here to view my 2006 list at

In other developments, I saw Cains & Abels, Partisan, and Real Live Tigers on Friday night. So many friends on one bill--it was a great night.

I'll be in Maine at the end of January, and Caleb set me up with a gig at Strange Maine in Portland on January 20. Caleb and Colleen will be playing as Big Blood, and Visitations and Tim Feeney + Vic Rawlings will also be playing. Oh, and it's FREE (donations accepted).

Stay tuned (get it?) for my Best Music of 2006 list, which is delayed owing to the out-crappage of my iPod. I'm having to re-rip all of my CD's and re-load them to my iPod, at which point I can reassess the records that came out in 2006 and figure out which ones I think are the best (though I already know which one is number one).

Thursday, December 21, 2006


so I've been remiss in my blogging duties. I didn't realize how many people anxiously await my every word (sorry Rudy!), and I apologize. Work has been ultra-hectic, but never fear, I will soon join the throngs of year-end posters. Because I know you're all curious: what did Scott think were the best records of 2006? What books did he read? Does he have a date for the prom? Is it true he once ate a whole elephant full of ice cream? The answers to these and many other questions: coming soon to a monitor near you.
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