Saturday, May 19, 2007

Goodbye, Virgin

I work right down the street from the Virgin Megastore. I admit to having shopped at the corporate megagiant. It's been great for buying "classic" cd's during their weekly sales. Filling in my Pink Floyd collection was never so easy. I feel somewhat conflicted about the store's closing. On the one hand, it's a trend that's been going on in our fair city for more than a year (first Crow's Nest, then Tower, and now Virgin). I'm sure this will lead industry heads to herald the death of the retail music store, and use it as fodder for their anti-digital music positions. On the other hand, you'd think they'd figure out by now that charging $18 for a CD is utterly ridiculous, especially when the same CD can be bought cheaper over the internet. In addition, maybe if they spent less money supporting and marketing utterly disposable pap, and spent more on developing artists with something to say other than "baby baby baby," their sales wouldn't be flagging.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

acid mothers day, again

saw Acid Mothers Temple on their annual stateside tour. They were good (their new drummer, Shimura Koji, who also played on all the Cosmic Inferno albums, is phenomenal), and there was a new arrangement of La Novia that was a welcome treat. Unfortunately, Higashi was having some equipment problems and I was standing right in front of him, watching him grow increasingly frustrated at both his equipment and the sound guy, who never noticed that he was asking for the synthesizer to be turned down in his monitor. Aside from these things, a good show. The opening band, however, I thought was pretty rancid. They were from the crop of new sword-and-sorcery metal bands. They were wearing "robes" that were clearly old bedsheets safety-pinned together. The singer put reverb on his vocals and intoned (there's no other word for it) "We have traveled many miles to be here..." They have songs about dragons. Really. I saw a chick in a Rush t-shirt and another guy in a denim Iron Maiden coat. I couldn't tell if any of it was ironic or not, but it didn't really matter because it was all so soul-crushingly lame.

These people are listening to the same music that the guys who beat them up for their lunch money in grade school used to listen to.
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