Thursday, July 17, 2008


I've always been a misanthrope, even before I knew there was a word for it. Face it, folks, the majority of the populace just isn't worth your time. You know it's true. There's a lot of dumb folks out there. The 2000 election was a pretty good showing, but 2004 sealed the deal. And it's not just politics. The people I encounter on a daily basis, in my commute, at the grocery store, everywhere. But especially on the internet.

Cue rickety transition to the point of this post.

So I've made a resolution for the new year. Not the calendar year, obviously. It's July, it's a bit late for that. No, I'm talking about my birthday, which really snuck up on me this year. Anyhow, my resolution is that I'm no longer going to read the forums on the Chicago Tribune. I think it's endemic to the internet as a whole, but especially online forums that practically guarantee one's anonymity, that people are at their absolute worst. The word vile doesn't even begin to cut it. People are simply wretched to one another on the internet. This isn't even in response to a specific instance--it's not as though somebody out there hurt my feelings. Trust me, I don't care what some other anonymous asshole thinks of my idiotic opinions. No, it's a bigger problem than that. I rarely comment on their forums, but I often read them.

No longer.

I'm sick of people dragging politics in where it doesn't belong. I'm sick of people making wild accusations about stuff that isn't even remotely true. I'm sick of people believing their own stupid bullshit. The bullshit they repeat to themselves, convincing themselves it's true. We're talking about people who have their heads so far up their own asses that they get pissed off when someone commits suicide on the CTA tracks and forces them to be late for a meeting.

I just don't need it, and that's that.

On another, and totally unrelated topic: to whoever accidentally found my blog by googling the phrase "I hate mitre": dude, you made my day. Thanks!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Dead Asshole Alert!

Have a nice slumber, douchebag. As Frank Zappa once said, "If there is a Hell, it waits for them, not us."

(thanks to The Onion for the image)
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