Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rules for this here debate

I whipped this up this afternoon:

Take one drink if McCain:

Uses the word “maverick”
Uses the phrase “Main Street”
Says “reach across the aisle”
Says “my friends”
Says Obama “doesn’t understand”
Mentions or alludes to the fact that he’s a vet/was a POW
Ties himself to Petraeus

Take two drinks if McCain:

Makes obvious Jew-pandering remarks such as “second holocaust”
Makes references or weird allusions to Sarah Palin (“I wasn’t voted Miss Congeniality in the Senate” for example)
Brings up Ayers after Obama points out that he was only 8 when Ayers was active in the Weather Underground

Take three drinks if McCain:

Ties himself to Bush and distances himself from Bush within the same answer.
Accuses Obama of wanting to launch strikes into Pakistan, then says he’d launch strikes into Pakistan
Blames the media for the fact that his campaign is an utter failure

Take a shot if McCain, in a desperate plea for sympathy, mentions either Cheney or Nancy Reagan being hospitalized.

Take five shots if McCain snaps, starts babbling incoherently, and finally drops the n-word.

Good luck out there.


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